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International Journal of Education, Science and Social Sciences


Peer-Review Policy : All submissions undergo a rigorous peer-review process conducted by experts in the relevant field. Peer reviewers evaluate the quality, originality, and scholarly significance of the manuscripts to ensure only high-quality research is published.

Plagiarism Policy : IJESS maintains a strict policy against plagiarism. Authors are required to submit original work, properly citing any sources used. Manuscripts suspected of plagiarism will be rejected or retracted, and authors may be banned from future submissions.

Publication Ethics Policy :  IJESS adheres to the highest standards of publication ethics. Editors, authors, and reviewers are expected to uphold integrity, honesty, and fairness throughout the publication process. Any cases of misconduct, including data fabrication, falsification, or authorship disputes, will be thoroughly investigated and addressed.

Conflict of Interest Policy :  Authors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could influence the interpretation or evaluation of their research findings. Editors and reviewers are also expected to declare any conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from handling manuscripts where they have a personal or professional bias.

Open Access Policy :  IJESS publishes the articles under open access policy. This implies that the volumes and issues can be directly accessed, the articles can be read free of cost and the information can be downloaded, printed, distributed and shared without any limitation.

Privacy Policy :  This Privacy Policy outlines the principles governing the collection, storage, and use of personal data by the organization. Personal data, including but not limited to name, contact details, and professional information, is collected voluntarily from users for the purpose of enhancing website services. Information such as IP address and browsing behavior may also be recorded for technical purposes. Collected data is used for various purposes such as account maintenance, transaction processing, and communication. Confidentiality is maintained when sharing information with relevant parties such as editors and service providers. While efforts are made to secure data, absolute protection cannot be guaranteed due to the inherent risks of electronic transmission. The organization supports the sharing and exchange of scientific data and offers tools for authors to store and promote their research findings. Additionally, the organization facilitates post-production promotion of articles to enhance visibility and accessibility of associated data.
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